Meetings & Ceremonies

Its magic atmosphere makes it the perfect place to hold a meeting and to host ceremonies.

Relax & Elegance

The refined look along with the quiet and discrete location makes this Residence the perfect place to relax after a long day spent visiting cities of art in the neighbourhood, or to rest after a hard day at work.

Welcome to the Pilgrim's Hotel
A structure of incredible style and elegance, with superior finishes.



The Pilgrim's Hotel Bedrooms are specials because of their space and quality. Large rooms, endowed with the best comforts, they guarantee an ideal place to rest with the guarantee of real privacy. The quier surroundings offers further guarantee of the calm that Pilgrim's Hotel offers.

Behind the hotel, visible from a large part of the rooms, there is the old Cicognolo Castle. The long and ample entrance to the hotel guarantees a beautiful and strong barrier for the noises coming from the close roads that guarantee fast connections with the nearest centers.

Pilgrim's Hotel has an ample choice of rooms:

  • Single room
  • Double room
  • Suite

All the rooms are furnished with everything you need to guarantee a service of quality. Every room has air conditioning, private bathroom with shower or jacuzzi. Direct telephone line and large LCD TV are placed in every bedroom.

The whole hotel is covered by connection Internet accessible in the rooms, but also a wireless Internet connection is available in public areas.

Pilgrim's Hotel is also a structure with all the comforts for disabled people. The planning of the structure has pursued the target to delete all the architectural barriers and to help people to access and to transfer inside the building. The entry with sliding doors gives an idea of the care and attention in deleting the architectural barriers.

Large elevators were choosen to help electric wheelchairs. The inside of the building have been studied with the purpose to favor easy moving.

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